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website analysis installation guide

Note:  the current tool script works at the domain root directory and the subfolder like this But it doesn’t work in the subdomain like this

The page of thumbnail images are not working if you install the script on the subfolder, the root file path is here /website_review/views/rating/index.php.

1. Requirements to install the script?

PHP version PHP 5.1.0 or higher is required, you can check the for your PHP version and other related information after you upload the files.

PDO extension: Database related classes.

PDO MySQL extension: This is required if you are using the MySQL database.

SMTP Mail Server: the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, it takes care of your email delivery.

You can configure most of the PHP settings in the file, the php.ini file is the setting file for PHP. If you can’t find it under the root directory, please consult your server guy to give you a hand.

Check the php.ini file example Here

Make sure change your script execution time in the php.ini file, open the file, search for “max_execution_time”, then update it as “max_execution_time = 180 ;”.

2. How to upload the script?

After you buy the script, you can upload the zip file to your Cpanel root directory under this file path Public_html/, after uploading, extract all files, move all files to the correct root directory.

If you upload from the Filezilla FTP tool, it takes longer time, I think you can’t extract the files from there also. So the Cpanel zip file upload is the best solution for you.

If you want to install the script in the subfolder like this, then you have to edit the file views/layouts/main.php and change the subfolder name accordingly. Otherwise, the script will not work!

3. Check the requirements

Go to to check your server settings if satisfy the installation need. You can check the setting example Here, if you see the message of ‘Warning’, it is fine, but if you see the message of ‘Failed’, then it might mean your server setting is not sufficient to successful install the script, but try it anyway!

4. Create a new Database, upload the database file to the new database, if not your script report will not work?

1) In your extracted files, there is a file called ‘‘, this is your database file, you need to upload it to your newly created database. You can check this Tutorial for how to create a new database? Write download the information for later website setup purpose.

2) Then, again in your Cpanel, go to the ‘PhpMyAdmin’ dashboard, upload the database zip file to your newly created database. You can check the tutorial Here.

5. Now let’s do the checklist to make sure all things are OK?

– Always backup your files every time when you do the editing.

– Your root directory permissions should be set as 0750.

– All Your sub folder directory permissions should be set as 0755.

– Make sure write down all the needed information in a separate file for later reference, such as database name, username, and password.

– Make sure you upload the .htaccess file in your root directory, sometimes you can’t upload it from your Cpanel file manager, but you can upload it from the Filezilla FTP access.

If the file is not in your root directory, this might cause the tool not working!

– Make sure update the config/main.php file for database and SMTP email setting. If the script is not connected to the database, then the report feature and other pages URLs are not going to work?

// Example: Database Settings, need 3 inputs.

// Mysql with host: localhost and database name

‘connectionString’ => ‘mysql:host=localhost;dbname= ‘,//add your DB name after =, no space please, or will not work!
// add db username below
‘username’ => ”,

// add db password below
‘password’ => ”,

// Your email which will receive messages from the contact page here /en/contact

‘adminEmail’=>”, //server email works better(like this [email protected]), not the gmail.

//Setup SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol) server setting in your Cpanel to receive the message from the contact page here /en/contact, need 4 inputs below. You will need to create an email on your Cpanel to get the information, or ask your server guy?

‘mailer’ => array(

// smtp server’s port
‘Port’ => ,

// add server’s host, it is your server email host looks like this
‘Host’ => ”,

// add username, it is your server email.
‘Username’ => ”,

// add password, it is your server email password.
‘Password’ => ”,


– Make sure update the config/console.php file like the following

// your website name: for example:
‘hostInfo’ => ‘’,

6. The most important File structures editing explanation

1) /css/ folder, all the CSS files are here.

2) /js/ folder, all the JS files are here.

3) /img/, all the images are under this folder and its sub folders.

4) /logo.png, this is the logo image, make sure update to your own logo. /favicon.ico, make sure also update the favicon icon too, the size should be 32×32. Favicon tool

5) /.htaccess, this is the server setting file, don’t change it if you are not familiar with it.

6) website_review/messages/en, this is for updating the English text.

app.php: You can update most of the text in this page.

advice.php: You can update the report page text in this page.

7) website_review/messages/cn, this is for updating the Chinese text, the logic works the same as the /en folder.

8) website_review/views/, this is the most important folder, it contains files that generate the report data and site design.

/views/websitestat/index.php, the index.php is the file that generates the report data after users input a site URL.

/views/site/index.php, it contains the header, footer, request_form code, and homepage content.

/views/site/request_form.php, it is the homepage report form code that taking the user’s input to generate the report that post to the websitestat/index.php page.

/views/site/error.php, if a page link query is not correct, it will show the error by the code on this page.

/views/site/contact.php, it is the contact page code.

The /website_review/views/layouts/, inside the folder, there are 2 header files, 2 footer files. The header-new.php file is for the homepage design code, the header-old.php file is for other page designs code, the same logic works with the 2 footer files. Please don’t change the header and footer files if you are not familiar with the code, contact us if need any technical help.

The /website_review/views/layouts/main.php, this is acting like the index page for the script, when a user lands on the homepage, the script calls the yoursite/index.php, then calls the main.php page which calls the header, footer and homepage content site/index.php page(the variable “$content” means the site/index.php page), after a user inputs a URL to get the report, it posts back to the websitestat/index.php file for the report.

9. Web Technology LookUp API limit

The Web Technology Lookup report section has the API limit, if you saw the page stop working there, then it means the API reaching the limit, we strongly suggest you get own free API account Here, after registering, you can log in and get the API key. Then, go to the file website_review/views/websitestat/index.php, search for ‘$webtech’, replace your new API key in the line.

The example API key looks like this:

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