Stop Windows Updates Permanently

Windows daily updates make hyour system more secure and reliable , But updating it to certain version such that it can make incompatible with other versions of apps and softwares.Here are the reasons , why windows updates really affect your system certainly and uncertainly.

1.Manual Setting

  • Open Windows Search Bar
  • Type “Check for Updates” and Open it.
  • Choose “Pause Updates”
  • Pause updates according to your time in weeks.
  • DONE

2. Services Tab

  • Open Windows Search Bar.
  • Type “Services” and Run as an Administrator.
  • Search or Type “Windows Update”
  • Right click on it.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Choose Startup Type as a “Disabled”
  • Apply Changes.
  • Done.

3.Metered Connection

  • Open Windows Search Bar.
  • Type “Check for Updates”
  • Open “Advance Options”
  • Choose “Downloads updates over metered Connection”
  • Enable It.
  • Done.


Disabling Windows update can be vulnerable and your system can be insecure. So,it suggest that use it when you want without interruption work on your system.

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