Windows Proxy setting Explained

Proxy can be an Important part of an Internet connection. Proxy can be use to access , some of the critical or not accessible sites and software seamlessly. So, changing proxy helps to access , domain network connection.

Here are the 2 ways, to change proxy .

1. Windows Search Bar

Search in windows search bar

Type “Proxy Setting”


Choose Manual Setup Proxy.

Tap on “Setup”

Turn ON

Use a proxy Server.

Type a Proxy address.

Proxy address should be in “.pac” format.

Enter Port.

Enter the exception site address , that you want to access , after setting up proxy.

such as “xyg[dot]gov[in]”

Lastly, In Automatic Proxy Setup.

Turn OFF “Automatically Detect Settings”.

2. Control Panel

Type run in windows search bar.

Type “Control”


Choose View by “Small Icons”

Select “Internet Options”

Tap on “Connections”

Tap on “LAN Connections”

Turn OFF “Automaticall detect settings”

Turn ON “Use Automatic configuration Script”

Turn ON “Use proxy server for your LAN”

Type Automatic Configuration script , script should be an “.pac” format.

Type Address and Port.


If you are facing some issue , while connection .

Search for cmd .

Type in cmd bar .



gpupdate /force

Your system domains group policy will be start updating.

After , that successful seamless connection will be establish.

What is command for group policy update?

“gpupdate” and “gpupdate /force” are the commands for group policy update.

How to update proxy in chrome or edge?

Open chrome or edge search proxy , tap on it and you will be redirected to proxy setting.

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