Mantra Rd service download

Mantra Biometric is an essential part of Biometric Authentication for Indian government schemes and Banking Security Authentication. To comply with it Biometric Device is needed to run the Mantra Rd service download and run successfully.

mantra rd service download

What is Mantra RD service

Mantra RD service name as Mantra registered Device, which is a biometric authentication drivers helps to authenticate in various applications such as Aadhar,jeevan pramaam , finacle 10 and Ekyc.

Benefits of Mantra RD service

Mantra RD service initiates its USB drivers automatically through its drivers , that makes seamless authentication between Biometric device and Application.

Compatibility with Biometric Device

Mantra RD service compatible with following operating systems.

WindowsWindown 10
Windows 7
Android Android 8 and above
Compatibility Operating Systems

Select Version Of RD Service

Mantra RD service are varied by its L0 and L1 security system which is a part of HTTP ,HTTPS and Local Host. There are 2 types of Mantra Biometric devices are there , where we can differentiate with Micro USB cable and Type C cable.

Setup of Mantra RD service

Here , are the following steps to setup Mantra RD service to your system. According to your system download version for windows and android.

Download Mantra RD service

For Windows here are the types of RD service.

For Windows

MIS100 V2 : Windows 10 (Last Update 2022)

MIS100 V2 : Windows 10 ( Last Update 2021)

For Android

MFS100 RD 1.0.8 (Latest)

MFS100 RD 1.0.4 (Last Update Dec 2022)

Install Mantra RD service

To successfully run Mantra Devices. Install above RD services , Right click on it and Run as a “Administrator”

After some minutes , morpho rd service installed successfully.

You can check out that services on “Control Panel” and in “Programs and Features” section.

After , that connect your biometric device and check if it runs successfully.

Here , are the following problems you will face.

Errors you will face

Biometric Device is not in Ready State

morpho device not in ready state

In this issue , you will face an Biometric device is not in ready state. Follow things to get solution :

  • Replug Biometric Device
  • Search Morpho USB drivers Services section under administrator tools in Control Panel
  • Restart Morpho Services
  • Choose Startup type as a “Automatic”
  • Relogin and Check.

Your Device is Not Whitelisted

In this scenario , It will be assumed that your device either new for biometric authentication or not whitelisted from Server.

How do I check , It is whitelisted or not?

Use Serial number of an Biometric Device, you will find that behind fingerprint authentication.

Biometric Device Serial Number and Version

Note down an Serial Number of an Biometric Device and submit it to an IT admin.

It takes 3 days to whitelist biometric device.

Biometric Capture Error

This error occurs when your fingerprint does not capture successfully. Try another fingerprint and check.

If then also , error occurs Wipe it fingerprint area with dry cloth , replug it and Try.


Morpho RD services drivers are needed for Operating systesms like Windows and Android. So , it is essential to know which drivers are compatible with your system.If your system compatible with it,then it is easy to authenticate using drivers. Otherwise , above mention errors will occur, troubleshoot it and get biometric authentication done.

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