How to reset astro a50 [FIXED] | In1 step reset astro a50.

Easy way to fixed astro a50. Now , we gonna fix somge astro a50 device to get to know about how to get a seamless gaming experience in astro a50.

1. Using Button Method :

Find out Dolby Sound Button , which is located at behind the right or left side of a Headset.

Which looks like following picture :

Credit : Astro Gaming Official .

Second , step is to find an sound balance button , which is located at headset of an right or left side of the Astro a50.

Which look like this , in following Image :

  1. Tap and Hold Sound Dolby Button and Sound Balance for 20 seconds.
  2. Until , the headset blinks continuously.

Check , After 5 minutes , if Astro a50 get hard reset or not.

Here is a detail review of an Astro A50 : Astro A50 Review in 2023

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