How to Remove google search bar from Nothing Phone

Hide search bar in nothing phone

Nothing Phone is powered by Android and empower by Nothing OS . Since , Nothing Phone is an Investement firm of an Google’s Parent Company Alphabet. Google wants all android users to be in its Ecosystem.

That’s the reason , Google search bar appears on Homepage of any android phone like Nothing Phone 1 and Nothing Phone 2 .

This issue is also occur in every Nothing Phone 2 , so that steps are almost same for every android phoe

Here are the Steps to follow :

1. Open Nothing Phone Homepage .

Open an Nothing Phone , you will see an following image :

2. Tap and Hold Display .

Tap and Hold display button , until some pop up will not come.

3. Select an Customization .

There are 3 options , you will see Home Setting , widgets and Customization.

Tap on Customization.

4. Tap on Home Screen layout.

There you will see 4 options , it will be Wallpaper and style , Wallpaper scrolling , Home Screen Layout , Icon Pack .

Tap and Select Home Screen Layout.

Now , you will see 3 options , it will be App grid , App Label and Search Bar.

Tap on Search Bar , and Turn it OFF.

Done .

Here is also shown how to turn off swipe to access google app.

6. Open Homepage Of Phone

Turn ON your phone and Open an Nothing Phone . After , that Tap and Hold on Display .

7. Tap on Home Setting

You will see 3 options , options are Home setting , widgets and Customization.

Tap on Home Settings.

8. Turn OFF swipe to access the Google App

You will see 4 options , after tapping on home settings , such as notification dots, add app icons to home screen , swipe to access the google app and double tap to lock.

Tap and Turn OFF “Swipe to access the Google App“.

Now , you successfully remove google search bar from nothing phone.

Conclusion :

In Nothing Phone homepage google search bar appears sometime it causes mishandling to open google open through google search bar. So, It really needs to hide to search bar to users to get productive experience in Nothing OS.

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