How to Pair Oculus quest 2 to phone | Meta quest to Phone. In just 2 Steps.

Here we gonna see how to connect oculus quest to phone . So , there is an question arises whenever , how to connect meta quest or oculus quest to an iPhone or any android phone.

So , we are gonna see how to connect oculus quest with few easy steps.

1. Open Play Store :

playstore search for oculus


2. Search “Oculus”

In Playstore , there is an Search Bar , click on that search bar and Type “Oculus”

there you will get few results.

3. Tap on Oculus

Tap on Oculus App by Facebook Tech. currently Meta.

Playstore Oculus App Install

Oculus App

4. Open Oculus App :

Open Oculus app and give it all necessary permissions.

Continue with Facebook.

open Oculus App by Facebook currently Meta

5. Sign In with Oculus :

Sign In or Sign Up with Facebook or Oculus Account.

Open oculus app and pair with oculus quest and its another headset

6. Turn On Oculus Quest 2

Now , its time to choose your headset , currently oculus quest 2 , turn ON it by holding POWER ON button by 2 seconds , until Power ON light blinks white.

oculus quest power on

7. Open Oculus App and Select Headset

Now , open oculus app and select preferred headset like oculus quest 2.

pairing oculus quest 2 using oculus app

8. Pairing

Now , its take some time to pair with it. Make sure that headset is fully charged.

pairing oculus quest 2 using oculus app

9. Paired Successfully

After few seconds oculus quest 2 headset successfully paired with oculus app.

oculus quest paired phone

Here , We can see Oculus quest 2 paired with phone and we can also see currently battery percentage of an headset.

Here we also shown : How to fix if Oculus controller not working.

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