How to Hide Apps in Nothing Phone

Hide app in nothing phone

Nothing Phone is a Flagship killer phone , which comes with new OS . So , For the privacy reasons , we must know how to hide apps in nothing phone.

Nothing does not come with Default App Lock and Hide app feature in Nothing OS 1.0.

So , we need to try another options to hide apps in nothing phone .

Here are the following ways you can use :

1. Third Party App Lock

Some of how there are lot of options available to use Third Party App Lock , such as Installing Third Party App Lock such as App Locker.

Advantage : It is Free. Easy to Setup.

Disadvantage : Unsync UI and Ads.

Third Party App Lock

2.Third Party Hide App

There is also Third party Apps you can use to hide app such as Calculator Hide apps it is one the example , you can try .

hide app in nothing phone
hide app in nothing phone

Play Store

Advantage : Free and Easy to Setup.

Disadvantage : Ads and Privacy concerns.

3. Updating Nothing OS 2.0

Nothing Phone 1 comes with Nothing OS 1.0 out of the box , but someof how it does not include above Features like App lock or Hide app Feature.

So , Hereby Updating Your Nothing Phone to Nothing OS 2.0 , you can get Inbuilt App lock by nothing.

You just have to set App lock in setting.

Nothing OS 2.0 comes with lot of bugs , so we need to wait for the update to Nothing OS 2.0.

Advantage : Inbuilt App Lock , Secure , Ad free .

Disadvantage : Bugs.

Conlusion :

Here , is the conclusion is that , Nothing OS 2.0 comes with Default App Lock , so you had to wait Nothing OS 2.0 Stable to come. Nothing OS 2.0 comes with lots of minor bugs , so you need to wait for a long while , updating excitingly to nothing OS 2.0

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