How To Fix Windows Recovery Error

windows error recovery fix

Here is the error ocurred during turning on windows system such as Laptop or Desktop. Here is the 2 ways to solve windows recovery error.

1.Function Key.

Turn OFF system.

Turn it ON.

Press Function “Fn”key and Function 8 “f8” key.

Press Both keys before Windows Logo Appear.

Now , Use down key and Enter in Safe Mode.

2. BIOS mode.

Turn OFF system.

Turn it ON.

Press BIOS menu key according to system.

eg., Press Esc and F9 for HP system.

Enter in Bios setup.

Security Section

Disable Safe Boot.

Now , restart system . Use Removable Boot Options such as Pendrive.

Now , Press Boot menu key according to system.

Choose boot options as a Pendrive name as a Removable disk.

Now, Transfer data from C data to D data.

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