How to find outlook data files. In Office 13 and Office 16

There are some of how , some users are not able accessed outlook data files from outlook , whose versions are Outlook 13 and Outlook 16. Here are the 2 ways to accessed outlook data files in easy way.

1. Outlook App.

Open an outlook app , search for an Files option in Header in left side corner .

Go to Account setting and choose account setting .

Choose account , whose you want to access outlook data files.

Choose Data files .

Select Default account or other account data file.

Tap on File Location.


You will get Data file in .pst format.

2. Control Panel.

Search “Control Panel” in search Bar.

Adjust View Category.

Choose View category as “Small Icons”

Select “Mail” option.

Select Account .

Select “Data Files”

Select account associated with it.

Tap on File Location.


You get “.PST” file as a Outlook Data.

How to take full Outlook data backup.

Taking full backup is an essential thing to do to move from one system to another. Here , is the easy way to take full backup or take backup in caterogory wise like inbox , sent items, draft and other folders.

Open Outlook (works with Outlook 13 and Outlook 16)

Select “File” from Header Menu on Left Side.

Select “Options” from Left Bottom side bar.

Select “Advance” option.

Select “Export” option.

Select option “Export to a File”

Select “Outlook Data File .pst”

Tap on account associated with it.

Then Locate Outlook Mail Backup in Preferred location.

Select “Export”


Outlook will take some time to backup and Backup will be created on preferred Loaction.

How do I open Outlook?

Here is a new way to open an Outlook App. without taping on Outlook Software.

Just search in search bar “cmd”

Type “outlook”


Successfully . Outlook will be Opened.

Here , Another way to open an Outlook.

Search “CMD” in search Bar.

Type “Outlook /navpane”


Now , Outlook will be open without any error.

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