How to delete other user in Windows 10

Creating an “n” number of users in Windows OS can leads to occupy more storage on your C drive. So, Here are the 2 ways to delete other users in windows 10.

First things you need to follow :

  • Administrator User Credintials.
  • Backup of other users data.

1.Backup Other Users Data.

First thing you need to do is , make sure you have a backup of other users data from c drive.So,basically we need to copy or move our data from C drive to D drive. Here is the following way to do first,

Start your windows system.

Login from Administrator or admin.

windows admin login
windows admin login

Make sure you know other users name such as here are user1 and user2.

After login though admin details.

Open File Explorer.

Open This PC.

File explorer
File explorer

Open “C drive”

  • Open “Users” Folder.
  • Open other user name in case “user1” is a name.
  • Backup that data in “D drive”.
  • DONE.

2. Computer Management.

In WIndows Search type “Computer Management

computer management
computer management

Choose “Run as administrator

Open “Local Users and Groups

Select other user name, In this case “User1”

Right Click On It.

Delete it.



In windows Search “Settings”

windows setting

Windows Setting

Choose “Accounts

Choose “Family & other users

windows family & other users

Choose other user.

Select on it.

Tap to remove it.



Please make sure that you had a backup of your account from C drive . Because, if account deletes incorrectly can cause a data loss. Deleteing account users clean your storage from your windows system to run efficiently.Deleting other users can make other users to do not get access to sensitive information from your system.

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