stop windoows updates

Stop Windows Updates Permanently

Windows daily updates make hyour system more secure and reliable , But updating it to certain version such that it can make incompatible with other versions of apps and softwares.Here are the reasons , why windows updates really affect your system certainly and uncertainly. 1.Manual Setting 2. Services Tab 3.Metered Connection Conclusion Disabling Windows update

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mantra rd service

Mantra Rd service download

Mantra Biometric is an essential part of Biometric Authentication for Indian government schemes and Banking Security Authentication. To comply with it Biometric Device is needed to run the Mantra Rd service download and run successfully. What is Mantra RD service Mantra RD service name as Mantra registered Device, which is a biometric authentication drivers helps

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proxy in windows 10

Windows Proxy setting Explained

Proxy can be an Important part of an Internet connection. Proxy can be use to access , some of the critical or not accessible sites and software seamlessly. So, changing proxy helps to access , domain network connection. Here are the 2 ways, to change proxy . 1. Windows Search Bar Search in windows search

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